Stray and Orphaned Animal Rescue


Adoption Application

Stray and Orphaned Animal Rescue (SOAR)



Please copy the below application, and paste it in an e-mail to:


Subject of your e-mail "Adoption Application for: DOG NAME" Please list the name of the dog you are interested in


If you do not receive a response within 6 hours, please e-mail or call to check status of your application.




Name of Dog that you are interested in:


Your First and Last Name: 


Date of Birth:


Spouse's Name:


Date of Birth:


Physical Address:





Home Phone Number:


Cell Phone Number:




Work Number:


Spouse/Partner Cell Phone:




Spouse/Partner E-mail: 


Spouse/Partner Work Name:


Spouse/Partner Work Number:


What characteristics do you especially want in your new dog:


What characteristics do you NOT want in your new dog:




Under what circumstances would you return your adopted dog?:


Do you work or attend school?


If work, who is your employer and how long have you worked there?


Please list names, ages and relationship to you of all persons living in the house:


Does anyone in the home have dog allergies?


Are you expecting or planning a family (in the next 15 years):


Who is the dog for:


Do you live in a house, apartment, condo, mobile home or other?


Do you agree to a home visit at any time?


Do you own or rent?


If you rent please provide landlord name and contact information (if you own please put N/A):


Are there any pet restrictions where you are living based on breed, size, number of pets, etc?


If so, please list:


Do you have a fence?


If yes, how big?


If no, how often will you take them out to potty?


Have you owned a dog before?


If yes, please list breeds:


Do you have a doggy door?


Will you allow the dog in the house?


Are there any areas in your house the dog will not be allowed?


If so, how will you keep the dog out of them?


Is anyone home during the day?


If not, how many hours will the dog be left alone?


Will the dog have run of the house when no one is home?


If not, where will the dog stay when no one is home?


What will you do if the dog has an accident on the floor?


Do you own a crate?


Are you aware of crate training?


Do you understand it can take up to a couple of months for a dog to acclimate to their new home?


How will you discipline your new dog for undesirable behavior?



What is your plan for training with your new dog?


Will you take the dog to obedience training (if needed)?


Have you ever given up a pet?


If yes, please describe why:


Do you have any other pets in the home?


If yes, please list breed, age, and sex of each:


Are all current animals in your home up to date on shots?


Are all current animals in your home altered? (spay/neuter)


Are the dogs in the home (if any) current on heartworm and flea prevention? Please list brand and when last given:


Please list any animals that you've had in the past 15 years (name, breed, altered?, what happened to them?:) 


Veterinarian's Information:

Clinic's Name:








References: (Please list two)








I have read the above information carefully and have filled out this application honestly. I understand that the omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions and sign the application can result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after an adoption takes place, I understand S.O.A.R. reserves the right to annul the adoption and reclaim the animal without a refund of monies paid.


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